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Postby Jayraj » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:34 pm UTC

Name:- Smith, Paul, Will, John and Alan

Car:- Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford and Toyota

Animal:- Cat, Dog, Pigeon, Rabbit and Fish

Color:- White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

House Color:- Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Orange

Occupation:- Doctor, Accountant, Teacher, Shopper and Manager

Flavour:- Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel, Banana and Vanilla

5 neighbours own different cars, like different colours, have different house colour, have different occupations, like different flavours and have different pets

Who owns the fish and find out everything about them.

1. The shopper does not like the chocolate flavour

2. The rabbit owner likes caramel

3. The chocolate lover is to the right of the manager

4. The cat owner is a doctor

5. The manager is in the middle and loves banana flavour

6. The dog owner owns an orange house

7. The owner of the yellow house likes green color and is next to Nissan owner

8. The teacher is right to the fish owner

9. The Toyota owner is right to the one who likes the color red

10. Alan is left to the Hyundai owner

11. Smith owns a blue house and is next to the accountant

12. The white house owner does not like the color white

13. Owner of pigeon is left to the owner of rabbit

14. Will is in the far right and owns a Honda

15. The shopper is not to the left of the manager

16. The manager is next to the white house owner

17. The accountant does not like the green color

18. Paul is in the first left and is an accountant

19. The ford owner is a vanilla lover

20. John is next to the Honda owner

21. The one who loves yellow color is next to Nissan owner

22. Paul is next to the Nissan owner

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Re: Neighbours

Postby ThirdParty » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:56 pm UTC

Assuming that all five houses are in a row and that "to the left of" means "immediately to the left of":
Start with clues 5, 14, and 18. Follow with 3, 11, 20, and 22. (Fill in fifth name.) Next 1+15, 7+17, 10, and 16. Next 9 and 21. (Fill in fifth car.) Then 12 and 19. (Fill in fifth favorite color.) Now it gets a little tricky, but notice that if Smith were the rabbit owner, 4 would make John the doctor, and 8 would require Paul to be the fish owner while 13 would require him to be a pigeon owner; so Smith is not the rabbit owner and we can apply 2. (Fill in fifth flavor.) Then 6 and 13. (Fill in fifth house color.) Then 4. (Fill in fifth occupation.) Then 4 and 8.

The result, from left to right, is:
1. Paul drives a Ford, owns a dog, likes yellow, lives in an orange house, is an accountant, and likes vanilla.
2. Smith drives a Nissan, owns a cat, likes red, lives in a blue house, is a doctor, and likes strawberry.
3. Alan drives a Toyota, owns a fish, likes green, lives in a yellow house, is a manager, and likes banana.
4. John drives a Hyundai, owns a pigeon, likes blue, lives in a white house, is a teacher, and likes chocolate.
5. Will drives a Honda, owns a rabbit, likes white, lives in a red house, is a shopper, and likes caramel.

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Re: Neighbours

Postby Moose Anus » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:21 pm UTC

12. The white house owner does not like the color white
Lemonade? ...Aww, ok.

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