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Forum Game Assassinations

Postby The Snide Sniper » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:18 pm UTC

Every player starts with 300 points. You can steal points from other players by "assassinating" them in other forum games. In each post, you declare an assassination with a thread number, a duration in minutes, and an optional delay start, also in minutes. Use "-a" to instead use absolute times, in YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm format. You spend one point for every minute your assassination lasts, then steal half the points from everybody who posted in that thread during that duration. Use the syntax "asn [-a] <thread> <for|until> [in|at]".

For example, if I posted "asn 108854 60 30", 60 points would go from me to everybody else, and then I would wait half an hour for the assassination to arm. If anybody posted in Double Post for the next hour after that, I would get half their points.
If I posted "asn -a 108854 2018/03/20 18:00", I would spend an awful lot of points, but until noon on March 20th (in my time zone; I live in UTC-6:00), anybody who posted in Double Post would have to give half their points to me.

Additional rules:
  • You can double post, but after posting, you need to wait for your assassination to expire before posting again.
  • Spent points are distributed evenly among everybody who has posted in this thread except you.
  • You cannot declare an assassination in a thread outside of Forum Games (this includes Forum Mafia). You also cannot declare an assassination in this thread (nice try).
  • Absolute times should use UTC 24-hour time. The stopping time should be exclusive, but the starting time should be inclusive.
  • Assassinations do not take effect until the minute after you post.
  • After declaring an assassination, you ccan add comments on the next line.
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