WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE .999 --> 1 THING (and 0/0 etc)

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WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE .999 --> 1 THING (and 0/0 etc)

Postby hermaj » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:06 am UTC


There are threads about it already, if not here then definitely in Logic Puzzles. Any more threads about it are just going to be deleted. It's been done to death, guys.

(If you disagree that 0.999... = 1, or are in an argument with someone who disagrees, go to the Wikipedia article on it. There are plenty of proofs and explanations there. If you or the person you're arguing with still doubts it after that, it's a good sign of some sort of brain damage or, at best, a complete lack of good mathematical understanding, and there is nothing any of us here will be able to do. So seriously, NO MORE POSTS ABOUT IT!)

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Other things that have been done to death that we don't need more posts about:

What is 0/0 equal to?
The aeroplane on a treadmill puzzle. There's a good writeup here for the answer.
Any variant on the Monty Hall / 3 Door problem. Again Wikipedia knows all.

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