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Re: Town Builds its own Internet Network

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:34 pm UTC
by teelo
For most of us, having internet become a utility is only ever going to be a dream.

My country started on that path, but then political shifts stopped it.

First, a big telco controlled it all: infrastructure, international pipes, and retail. Government ordered them to split those up into three separate competing businesses (Chorus for infrastructure, Telecom for the ISP, and the international pipes access rights got sold off). They were going to make Chorus government owned until a political shift changed it to just a subsidised business.

But yet they pass legislation that lets the privately owned company fasttrack install their infrastructure everywhere bypassing all the consent laws other utilities would need to follow. They can just turn up, tow away cars out of their rightful carparks, and dig up roads, all on no notice.