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ↆ Rules for "News & Articles" ↆ

Postby Felstaff » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:32 pm UTC


  1. Abide by the General Rules.
  2. This forum is only for discussion of news and articles sourced from reputable sources.
  3. Don't be a dick.
  4. Stay on topic. If the topic naturally drifts from one subject matter to another, report the first post it does so requesting a thread split. The moderators will be happy to do so, depending on how clean the split can be. It'll be up to the moderator's discretion to decide whether a topic needs splitting (places where discussion has already petered out, or on the wane, are probably unlikely to be split)


  1. Aim for the least-biased reporting where possible. Question your sources before posting; try to source from two or more places [ideally from a range of content providers, who might not necessarily agree ideologically]. Posting five articles from five different Murdoch-owned rags does not count as sourcing from different places.
  2. Topic titles must accurately convey as much information about the news item or article as possible. "You won't believe this!" is not a good title. "Explosion in moderator forum; three dead" is a good title. Providing it actually happened. (in truth, there was only a minor laceration on one magistrate's finger...but it was a mighty painful one; think papercut times five).
  3. Topic titles must not be misleading, nor twisted to further a personal or political agenda. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter, etc.
  4. Post more than just a link with minimal commentary on the news item's subject matter. If you're not interested enough to post a few lines about why the xkcd forum needs this in their forum, then either the story itself is uninteresting, or you're showing a lack of respect for others. Posting a link with scant else is akin to shouting a newspaper headline to a neighbour, before walking away. Unless, of course, the newspaper headline is "EPIDEMIC SPREADS: EVACUATE NOW".


  1. YUGE story? Probably deserves a new thread. If a similar one already exists, mods'll probably merge them. No biggie.
  2. Interesting, topical, and irreverent news stories that demand discussion, but not enough to warrant a new thread, go here.
  3. If it's a funny, light, humorous, cute, sweet, uplifting, cheery or otherwise warmth-inducing news story, post it here.
  4. If it's a melancholic, dark, uncomical, unpleasant, bitter, downhearted, unhappy, or otherwise fear-inducing news story, try here.
  5. If it's about the death of a noteworthy person, try here.
  6. If it's a news item about something that is indistinguishable from magic, try here.
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