Nash Equilibrium in American politics

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Re: Nash Equilibrium in American politics

Postby Ranbot » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:54 am UTC

Thesh wrote:My only concern is that voting reform will occur in blue states, making them more fair in favor of Republicans, and suppression will continue to get worse in red states, making them less fair in favor of Republicans.

It can swing both ways, just like the current system can. The point is getting to a system with the potential to reach a more moderate balance, less of the drastic pendulum swings of policy, more cooperation in government... if you view a system change as only whether or not your side wins then there's no point in changing.
Thesh wrote:I'd really like to see the focus be on state and local elections, rather than national.

Absolutely agree... but it's the national elections that get people fired up. Anything that pushes people towards considering voting for a third party candidate is a step in a positive/moderating direction, for all the reasons stated earlier in thread and if that starts at the federal level and works its way down to state and local, because that's how society operates, so be it. A swimmer with a destination tries to swim with the current whenever they can.

Related to more focus on state and local politics... while my views tend to be slightly left of center, I do think the traditional conservative platform of moving power away from federal level to state and local governments is generally a good practice. [I just don't think they are very good adhering to that claimed conviction if it clashes with other political agendas. :roll: ]

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