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Postby Sachit » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:46 am UTC

The explanation is very thorough and helpful. However, the answer assumes that earth and everything on earth is one system. Earth is an object and all the superstructures on it, all the life plying on it is attached to it or kept on it. When Earth is spinning everything is spinning with it with the same velocity. Now, when Earth stops due to Newton's first law of motion everything will keep on moving with the intertia they have (470 m/sec). everything will get thrown off, it is similar to a train stopping and you getting thrown off. 470m/sec is huge, it would be like a unidirectional earthquake. Everything will be devastated but structures that are low in high and deep might survive. Basements will be all fine. Skyscrapers will be dusted to ground. Also, supersonic winds will be blowing and things will be moving with the wind as both will have similar velocity.

Kindly review this and let me know if this makes sense. I think the answer in the book is correct but we can refine the reason.

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Postby Soupspoon » Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:56 pm UTC

I was going to ask which this was, why you weren't using the thread that it undoubtedly already has.. Half remembering something about it, but not able to find it online by a quick browse, assuming you've not distorted the title too much to confuse me... But it's from the book, I think you're saying, explainibg why I found it familiar (have read it) but inaccessible (ṭhen gave it as a birthday present!)... Not sure we have a standard filing procedure for What-Ifs not in the web set.

Still, first post. Welcome. And must have gotten past the mods' newbie-authorisation process. I hope your boldness is going to be rewarded at least as well by the rest of the ragamuffins who reside here. Give me a day or two, and I'll borrow back my book (or find another copy) and may have something more constructive to say!

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