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Getting my shit together and a question!

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:07 pm UTC
by blue_eyedspacemonkey
Ok, so I've finally got my arse in gear. I got a PT for a month (that's just finished), and got some workouts so I can continue my progress without forking over for my PT again. Will get some more sessions in 6 months or so.

Now I just need to keep my motivation up.

Stats under the cut:

For reference, I'm roughly 5ft3/160cm, so short.

Feb 12th
Weight: 87.2kg
Waist: 37.2cm
Hip: 44.1cm
Arm: 12.7cm
Leg: 26.6cm
Body fat: 47.9%

March 17th
Weight: 81.5kg
Waist: 34.8cm
Hip: 40.7cm
Arm: 12.3cm
Leg: 24cm
Body fat: 42.8%

So, still a way to go, but I've done so well. I've been practising portion control and sorting my diet out, and I'm feeling so good. This next few weeks are going to be the worst at work so might need to break out some of the exercises at home as won't have time to go to the gym as often as I like (or at all when I'm away with work for 3 days :/)

I'm going to use this to keep track and get some accountability, as I'm shit at keeping up with things in general, but I've done so well, and I really need to keep it up (my ankles and feet are dodgy as fuck due to lx ligaments, and while I'll always be a little fucked, carrying so much weight and fat is not going to help.

MY QUESTION: I normally warm up on the rowing machine or the step machine, so don't have any practise at warming up without gym equipment, so, what do you do for warm up that can be done at home/with no to minimal equipment?

Re: Getting my shit together and a question!

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:03 pm UTC
by Quercus
Congratulations on those stats! That's awesome progress.* You're pretty much hitting the "maximum safe weight loss rate" right on the nail.

I've no idea whether this is the approvedTM way to do things, as I tend to just wing it when it comes to fitness, but if the weather is half-decent I normally go for a brisk five minute walk, perhaps moving into a gentle jog for a bit. If the weather's crappy I do some dynamic sorts of movements (I do a bit of these after a walking warm-up too, but not as much) - things like high knees, heel kicks, star jumps, arm circles and air boxing. I hear that skipping with a rope is good too if that's your thing (I'm not tempted by this - with my lack of coordination I'd end up flat on my face).

Don't know how well that will all work with dodgy ankles, but the walking, the arm circles and air boxing at least shouldn't be a problem. You could also do old fashioned steps (using a literal step in your house, rather than a machine).

*Swap the before and after around, and that's pretty much me over the past month - PhD thesis writing will do that for you!

Re: Getting my shit together and a question!

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:51 pm UTC
by blue_eyedspacemonkey
Thanks! I'm enjoying it while it lasts as I assume as my body gets used to the drastic changes I made this year, I'll plateau a bit (especially when building up muscle as well as losing fat).

Dude, I have stairs! I could do the step machine. Heck, I have a wii board with raisers for steps that I can dust off and do steps there to warm up, duh. I also walk a lot so can time my workouts to be after a walk. Sounds good, thanks! :)

Re: Getting my shit together and a question!

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:48 pm UTC
by blue_eyedspacemonkey
Double post for an update!

Work hit the fan so I haven't been to the gym for about 2.5 weeks. Its all finally calmed down, so I went yesterday :D I did some work on my arms and I enjoyed it, so that's awesome :D

Need to get back into going 3 times a week. I've also got some exercises from a physio for my ankles so need to incorporate them into my routine (nothing big, just some standing on one foot and some movements with a step/resistance band).