Rules - Coding/CompSci Related Religious Wars

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Rules - Coding/CompSci Related Religious Wars

Postby Hammer » Wed Nov 14, 2007 12:24 pm UTC

What is this Board for?
This is a place to rehash those well-trodden but ever popular classic battles. Vi vs EMacs. C/C++ vs Java. Hungarian notation. Null termination. You know them, you love them. You can have them here. Coding/CompSci battles only, please.

When any thread turns into one of these (meaning all of them) it will be split off to here. You can also start your own. Please try to keep these discussions in here so other threads can continue on topic.

Rules of Engagement
Moderation will be much lighter in this board. You can be pedantic, supercilious and repeat yourselves all you wish. You can make your well-reasoned arguments crushing your opponents with the sheer weight of your absolute correctness.

I will still enforce a certain level of civility. You can call concept[n] stupid all you want. If you call another member stupid, I will pull this Forum over and knock some heads together.

That said, have fun! Show us all the One True Way!
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Re: Rules - Coding/CompSci Related Religious Wars

Postby EvanED » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:23 pm UTC

Okay folks, after reading the comments in the "scope of religious wars" thread, thinking about it for a bit, and disappearing for a few days, the scope of this forum is going to be restricted to CS topics and other traditional geeky holy wars. This basically means that if I think there's a better forum (TV and Movies is the common one) I'll move it out.

Soon I'm going to move the following threads to other forums:
  • To TV and movies:
    • House vs Dexter
    • Malcom Reynolds vs Han Solo
  • To Science:
    • Stephen Jay Gould vs Richard Dawkins: The Darwinian Wars
    • Higgs vs Hawking
  • To Gaming:
    • Space Marine vs JRPG Teen: Battle of Video Game Archetypes
I'm going to leave in this forum:
  • Borg vs. Zerg -- this is mostly because the topic is somewhat grandfathered in
  • Who would win? [All VG villians] -- largely the same
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars -- you can't argue that this is an actual, long-standing holy war ;-)

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