The Anthology of Terrible Love Poetry: need submissions!

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The Anthology of Terrible Love Poetry: need submissions!

Postby dhokarena56 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:11 am UTC

Terrible love poetry.

We've all written it. We all thought we were expressing some new, uncharted yearning of the heart. We all realize how wrong that assumption was, and how cringe-worthy the work we produced actually was. Some of us, like me, can't stand to read what we've written because it is simply so terrible and embarrassing.

However, terrible love poetry does noöne any good if nobody sees it. So, a few days ago, I thought up a project. I would ask people on the internet, and possibly in real life, for the worst, most cringe-worthy, unappealingly erotic, most simply painful love poetry they've ever written, which I can then package into a book. I have as much incriminating material in here as any of you, having written a truly awful piece of work entitle Cride about a year ago.

So I'm asking you guys for your work. The longings of your heart. The written incarnation of your teenage sexual frustration. All of it. You don't have to attach a name, although that would certainly be printed if you did; you can go anonymous, and rest assured that, unless an acquaintance can guess from the poem's content, I'll never do anything to let you be find out. It will simply contribute to readers' laughs, cringes and facepalms. To all of you who will submit, thank you. Thank you muchly.

Please send to
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