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Max Gladstone Craft Sequence

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:46 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
Just started this last week, and it has some lovely ties to an RPG I'm playing. A lot of it feels very campy, but it's altogether very fun with some amazeballs ideas and imagery.

The gyst that I've gathered about 100 pages in is that people figured out how to 'do what the Gods do', and the Gods didn't like that, so went to war. And lost. Now, way later, interacting with the remnant Gods, or remnants of Gods, has become a pretty standardized enterprise, quite similar to accounting. Anysnoozle, the first book seems to principally take place in the city of Alt Couloumb, where Kor, some kind of god of fire, who is caged, worshipped, and used to power the city, has died. Le gasp! Intrigue!