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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:18 am UTC
by OP Tipping
Glass got mediocre reviews, average reviewer score on RT is 5.1, but of course I went to see it: a movie with McAavoy, Willis and Jackson couldn't be all bad and I was curious about how it would all be tied off.

Although it wasn't bad, and I enjoyed it, I have to say that MNS did not quite stick the landing.

Even within the context of a superhero movie, the premise did not make sense. If they wanted to make it more easy to accept, they would probably have needed to further develop it. It would appear to be implied that
the early superhero comics were based on real people and the Shamrock Conspiracy destroyed the real heroes and covered it up
. Just a smidgeon more world-building to establish this would have been good: perhaps show Casey and Joseph finding evidence of it in a more coherent way. And such an enterprise would need to be ruthless, but they go to ridiculous efforts not to be ruthless. Might have been nice to throw some hints in Split about it. And it was not easy to accept that either Dunn or Crumb could be
convinced, even momentarily, that they did not have unusual powers.

Similarly the pacing seemed off. The key action scene needed to be edited better to be impactful. The ending was also drawn-out too long. I mean I know he likes his long pull-out shots but I wasn't loving it.

The dialogue needed improvement: I found it distracting how banale and off-fleek some of the lines were. Like even sitting in the theatre I was thinking, "damn, he should have said" X.

I mean presumably Shyamalan has been thinking about this for nearly two decades. I'm assuming he didn't wait until Split was a success to start penning the sequel. Right? Surely.

According to Jackson, the ending was originally completely different.

I should mention some of the things that were good. The performances by the three main actors were good, obviously with special note of McAvoy's various roles. His physicality as the Beast worked. The Beast's
cat run
was impressive because it did not look superhuman: it looks like something that a human in impeccable physical condition could do. Casey's connection with Kevin was sweet. Dunn's
mundane demise
was appropriate. The incorporation of snippets from Unbreakable was done well: it was a good decision to bring back Spencer Treat Clark as Dunn's son. I'll confess that I did not see any of the twists coming, so job done.

Given its modest budget it is a commercial success, and it was mainly funded out of the director's pocket,
but it seems very unlikely there will be sequels given the demise of the majors

Re: Glass

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:50 am UTC
by OP Tipping
A few other funny or corny things that occurred to me:
The Beast's kill move is the crushing hug. He is eventually undone by a hug by Casey that allows him to be shot.

Maybe the reason the three leaf clover is the symbol of the secret society is that it represents normality, distinct from the rare, extraordinary four leaf clover.

Dunn's "anchoring moment" involves him literally sinking like an anchor.

Mr Glass threatens a terrorist attack on a Japanese named building that Bruce Willis's character is supposed to stop.