Black Lightning

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Black Lightning

Postby Pfhorrest » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:01 am UTC

I'm a fan of all the other CW DC shows, and I was looking to adding another one to the lineup, but so far I'm really disappointed in this one, and I can't find anything but glowing rave reviews that sound like they're practically bought and paid for, nothing with any ounce of critique to it.

The villains aren't "love to hate" villains, they're just unpleasant to watch. Most of the protagonists aren't especially charming either and a few are downright obnoxious. The main protagonist Jefferson had some enjoyable moments early on trying to be the bigger man and diffuse the cycle of violence, but the whole premise of the show seems to be "that didn't work, so fuck that noise" and it doesn't seem we're likely to get a lot more of that. The only part of it that really interests me enough to keep watching is the older daughter Anissa's arc.

The music is terrible, and not just because I don't like rap or anything -- it's just bad rap, like I'd expect to be coming out of the car of a low-level villain, not like I'd expect to accompany the main hero.

It's main selling point seems to be that it's about a black super hero, but it leans way too heavily on that -- it's not about a superhero who happens to be black, it's a superhero whose blackness seems to be his defining feature. The whole thing just feels like a cheap attempt at pandering to its demographic, and a pale attempt at doing so in comparison to something like Luke Cage or (what I've heard said about) Black Panther.

Anyone else seen it and have any thoughts?
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Re: Black Lightning

Postby pkcommando » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:03 pm UTC

I was one of the ones hoping for a live action Static, but I do appreciate that this is not another goddamn origin story for the CW*. We don't need episode after episode of him figuring out how to use his powers. Fuck that.

I'm still giving the show a chance, I do enjoy the fact that it's a departure from the villain-of-the-week format like the Arrowverse, but the theme music is getting overused. Will season 2's theme music will be "Black Lightning's still back!"? For me, an instrumental theme is easier to push to the back of my mind and focus on the story while vocals feel more intrusive. Especially when it's the same few lines.

Okay, for his daughters, yeah, as they become Thunder and Lightning we'll probably get that, but not the main character.

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Re: Black Lightning

Postby Zohar » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:26 pm UTC

I'm into it. And I think a black superhero would definitely be defined by his blackness, in many places. That doesn't seem unrealistic to me. Not just on his own - other people would probably consider a black man having power outrageous. We've seen that happen in real-life politics. I appreciate the way the show treats politics and considers real implications of him getting back in action, hopefully it will continue to meaningfully explore that.
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