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Re: Prototype

Postby LTK » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:51 pm UTC

Hell yes it's useful. When there's a particular infected hive or military base that's giving you trouble, all it takes is one airstrike to take out half of its hitpoints. Especially handy with Infected/Military consume events. You just find a military disguise (any will do), target the building, find a good lookout point far and high up, and watch the fireworks. With hives the military won't mind, and with bases you just need a good spot, and no one will even notice you. You can walk up there and jack a tank at your leisure and finish it off. You can also use it against stationary enemies like Hydras and other bosses.

ST, the main concern is keeping the infected off that thing. You can attack them and run, but don't go too far. As long as you're not hitting the machine with your attacks, you're good. The best weapon to use is the blade, and the air slice in particular, combined with armor. To deal with regular infected, use them as medkits. Run, grab, consume about two or three, and get back into the fight. For Hunters, grab and throw then with Hunter Dirtnap. This works perfectly even if they gang up on you, and keeps them close by for consuming when their health gets low. For Leader Hunters, Hydras, or anything else you want dead in a hurry, jump up and attack with a fully charged air slice. If the Hydras start throwing things, you can try intercept them by grabbing or destroying the object, but I haven't tried that personally.Vehicles won't do you much good, except for killing Hydras. They miss too much to be effective at range, and you can't hit anything if there are hunters all over it.

Hope that helps. :)

I'm currently trying to find all the landmarks and hints around the town (200+50) and it's getting quite annoying. I've got about 170 landmarks and all the ones I need are in nooks and crannies you never look in.

Edit for ST's second post: Militaries are just as useful as common infected: Medkits. Sometimes, weapons. Occasionally I pick up an assault rifle and empty it on a (targeted) hunter while walking backwards, that works for one or two of them, but don't rely on it too much.

If you need basic gameplay tips, collect the hint orbs like a lazy man, or stick around at the loading screen where they rerun. I'd give you key instructions but they wouldn't be of any help because I'm playing it on a PC. xD

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Re: Prototype

Postby Phen » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:47 pm UTC

I think I resorted to cheap tactics or something... Doing the jump up and strike with the blade repeatedly so they couldn't damage me. But it's been a while now and I played through the game so quickly that it's all mashed up in my mind.
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