Help Desk Rules - Updated Feb 21, 2008

"Please leave a message at the beep, we will get back to you when your support contract expires."

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Help Desk Rules - Updated Feb 21, 2008

Postby Hammer » Wed Aug 01, 2007 6:06 pm UTC

This forum is to be used for requests for help from the community. It is in your best interest not to demand or expect help.

Topics can include pretty much anything "technical" in nature. Ex. wifi issues, X server configuration, failed hard drives, building robots, firewalls, video card problems, etc.

I only ask for a few pre-requisites:
    That you make an attempt to diagnose your problem before posting here (Google is a great first resource!).

    Provide all necessary details:Relevant information whether that be your operating system, specific hardware details, or anything else that will aid those volunteering their time to help you. (I do not want to assume you use Windows. That is annoying.)

Thank you and good luck!

Added by Hammer - Feb 21, 2008
For those of you answering requests for help:
Please only post if you have something to say that will help the person solve the problem. Posts that are unhelpful or imply that the OP is stupid for asking or for being unable to find the answer on their own are likely to be removed. Thanks!

Points! competition:
We now have an on-going competition of sorts for arbitrary points and absolutely no reward, other than the respect of people you don't know. Once your problem has been solved, please make a post in the Points! thread stating who provided helpful suggestions and/or who ultimately provided the correct solution.

Now, I can't make you do this. But, it will be a nice gesture and give some amount of recognition to those willing to go out of their way to share their time/knowledge. This basically amounts to positive reinforcement within the community, which I find to be of value in and of itself.

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Postby MFHodge » Wed Aug 01, 2007 6:14 pm UTC

I un-stickied the old "Technical Thread", as I don't think it's necessary anymore.

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Rules - Nov 08, 2007

Postby Gordon » Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:08 am UTC

Nov 08, 2007
Edit by Gordon:

We've recently discussed a general rule regarding asking for homework help in this, coding, math, science and well, any other forum.

Asking for homework help is ok, as long as you state that is what you're after and have shown a reasonable attempt at the problem yourself.

If you post things like "I don't understand $question" or "I have $problem" and you have not offered ideas or problem solving of your own (or at least effort towards this) not only will people be less likely to know what direction to offer help in, but you will become blacklisted in the minds of those who moderate such places. Remember your mod team is a fickle bunch and we tend to stick together on things. If you become known for just trying to get forumites to do your homework for you and a mod/whatever moves or deletes your thread you won't have many people care. We are not paid tutors. We are, in most cases, friends and friends like to help each other, but don't abuse it.
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