[SOLVED] Psychic Sysadmin?

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[SOLVED] Psychic Sysadmin?

Postby abrenecki » Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:37 am UTC

At my high school, one of my friends and I have been using the perfectly unsecured WLAN to get files off SMB shares where our personal files are, and occasionally RDC to access the Internet and printers through a Windows Server machine. However, the sysadmin came waddling around today looking for someone using an eeepc to connect to the Science router (a friend of mine). (Note: The same person had previously used an Ethernet cable to connect through the school's proxy). What I want to know is:
1) How did he know it was an eeepc?
2) How do i change this information on my computer to reflect something different?
He's using an eeepc with Ubuntu NetbookRemix, and I'm on a MacBook running Leopard (I would also like to do (2) on my own machine). The network is a homogenous Windows 2003/XP/Vista one, except for our machines. That's all I know.
What I'vew done already: Searched a few things and looked a bit in man, with no avail. I'm aware of this line in smb.conf:

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    server string = Mac OS X

but I doubt any useful info could be gained from it, as his would have probably read "Ubuntu NetbookRemix" or something, and not "Asus eeepc" (if I'm wrong, correct me).
I've got to go, I'll add more detail soon.

Edit: Apparently I'm wrong. His server string contained the word 'eee'. Solved.

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Re: [SOLVED] Psychic Sysadmin?

Postby wakawakka » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:58 pm UTC

but..how about he simply read the mac address? You could not hide your manufacturer without changing (spoofing) it,,,

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