Restoring previous steam saves

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Restoring previous steam saves

Postby Zohar » Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:16 pm UTC

Hey, so I was playing a game (Valkyria Chronicles) and in the middle of the main campaign, after investing about 30 hours into it, I tried the DLC. Well, it turns out I overwrote my campaign save (the save screen was badly designed and I didn't realize you can actually create multiple saves).

I'm also asking on the Steam forums for help but I figured I might as well attack the problem from two fronts. Does anyone know how to do restore an old version of the save file, either from the Steam cloud or from my computer? I'm using Win8.1 but I haven't turned on file recovery, so I doubt the latter is possible, but theoretically, is it possible to grab older steam saves? My game was always connected online.

I'm also trying to find if anyone happens to have a relevant save file for me that I can use (start of chapter 15, if there's any chance there's someone who can help here).
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