mimicking Chrome's keyword search in Firefox

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mimicking Chrome's keyword search in Firefox

Postby Flumble » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:29 pm UTC

Chrome has a nifty module in place that generates a "keyword search engine" whenever you use the search bar of a site. For example, searching for a movie title on imdb once will enable you to simply type imdb(or merely an i or im if you visit it oft enough) -> TAB -> <movie name here> in the omnibar from then on.

Is there a way to get this behaviour in Firefox too? Perhaps with an obscure add-on or config setting?

I'm halfway there using site's search box -> context menu -> Add a keyword for this search, but it's missing two great features to improve workflow:
[o]auto-complete on the keyword: you have to exactly type the keyword + space to enable searching.
[o]automatic generation of the keyword (instead of manually marking it) - a minor issue compared to the former.

[edit] Just to clarify: I'm not talking about the keywords you search for, but the ones to switch where you search. It's sad it's referred to as "keyword" too, which makes it even harder to use as a keyword in searches for a solution.

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