Optic lenses for homebrew head-mounted display?

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Optic lenses for homebrew head-mounted display?

Postby webgiant » Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:44 pm UTC

I'm not an optics trained person but I can do advanced math. I'm building a head mounted single eye display (to use for short periods) using a 2" diagonal video screen. I am very nearsighted (-14 in both eyes, US system) but my corrective glasses are up to date.

From what I have read, the least eyestrain option would be to add a second lens in front of my glasses which would create the optical illusion that the screen positioned within 4" of my eye is actually of infinite distance. What would be the calculation using the lens equation? Is there an equation for two lenses?

Also, do reading glasses provide enough magnification for this, such that one lens from a pair of reading glasses could influence the perception enough to make the light from the screen appear some distance away?

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