Strange Mixed Decimal/Fraction Notation

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Strange Mixed Decimal/Fraction Notation

Postby fagricipni » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:17 am UTC

Has any one seen a notation like the following examples actually being used:

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    2            3                 19
0.12- meaning ----- or simplified ---
    3          100                150

   1           3                 8
0.5- meaning ---- or simplified --
   3          10                15

   3          11
0.2- yielding --
   4          40

Note that I have done without LaTeX or Unicode there: the notation in the book actually looked closer to: Image

I have never seen such a notation except in the one case of the mathematics book I am getting these examples from, and I question whether it is has ever been used in practice.

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Re: Strange Mixed Decimal/Fraction Notation

Postby PsiCubed » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:36 am UTC

Personally I've never seen such a notation. So it is certainly not any kind of "standard".

It does make sense, though, in its own twisted way. It's exactly the kind of thing you'll expect a math-oriented person to invent in his spare time and use for his own needs. It shouldn't be in a textbook, though, unless the book clearly states that it isn't a standard notation.

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