"Forum Games" Rules - update Aug 1st 2014 (dmy)

For all your silly time-killing forum games.

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"Forum Games" Rules - update Aug 1st 2014 (dmy)

Postby jestingrabbit » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:00 am UTC

This forum is, for the most part, unmoderated. This is where all things extremely trivial, volatile and neanderthal live. However, this DOES not mean you have free roam*. Don't be surprised if your posted image of tentacle rape gets deleted. The only forms of moderation that occur here are

1) Your posts will be put in a queue waiting for approval until your post count has incremented a bit. I will approve your posts, but you have to work out how to increment your post count by yourself.

2) Reports will be dealt with, as with the rest of the forum. Please report spam or porn or anyone who's causing trouble.

3) Offend-a-mod threads, violent racism, Malicious Rick-/Tay-/Duck-rolls, shock sites or being ridiculously offensive or harassing other forumites will get you banned.

4) Threads that involve harrassing people outside the forum will also get you banned.

*Roaming and long distance charges may apply. I stole your joke tankengine.

NOTE: Posting in Forum Games will not increase your postcount.
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