Looking for wacky racehorse names

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Looking for wacky racehorse names

Postby MisterGC » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:51 am UTC

Hi all.

I’d like to ask you all to wrack your brains and help me out with some wacky names - no longer than 13 characters including spaces - for racehorses to use in a series of puzzles which I’m compiling. The following list, which is part of what I’ve come up with so far will, I’m sure, give you an idea of what I’m looking for. One hundred names gives me twenty puzzles. To date I have forty three short of enough for sixty puzzles but I’d like to get as many as you can come up with. No need to post a great number all at once, just as they come to mind.

Agga Panthus, Alavahaff, Albu Kirke, Alwazea Geek, Ammonah Roll, Amos Tashe, Annie Mosity, Arcans Saw, Arkitekt, Askmeen Icely, Aunty Cyclone, Beepsanlounds, Ben Shmarx, Billy on Air, Blinkan Ilid, BL's a Bub, Bobby Dazzler, Botho Fuss, Boyyo Boy, Brilli Ant, Can't Elope, Coldaz Ice, Czech Mate, Dan de Lyon, Deroga Tory, Dinah Might, Distrakshun, Dommi Knows, Don Ovanera, Doo azi doo, Doowa Runner, Doozandontz, Ecar Esroh, Eifel Down, Eifel Ova, Elfur Leather, Endovan Era, Fastasi Cango, Flamin' Heck, Forpitis Ache , Franswa, Frendorfo, Geega Bites, General Ize, Giftothigab, Gofliakite, Golly G, Gonintuhiding, Gonnan Dunnit, Goodaz Gold, Gophur Glory, Gophur Gold, Gorgon Zola, Gran Durie, Grashusme, Gratees Cape, Gudeness Ache, Hazel Knutt, Heepso Dough, Hum Ti Dum Ti, In Flew Enza, Insi Cure, Inturm Oil, Iona Jagwa, Isita Itisa, Itsu Forme, Jeanie Us, Jerry Atrikz, Jongdarm, Justin Case, Kachaskachkan, Kamankolekted, Keepi Yuppie , Keepitthatway, Ken Tuky, Kisantel, Knott Attoll, Kombi Nations, Krakodonn, Kreem Kookie, Kremdelakrem, Krumblinkooki, Kumunda Fire, Landfors Ale, Likealook, Litenin Fast, Lolly Pop, Lou Kafterme, Lovapav, Lukinatu Kid, Luvvaduk, Mad Agaska, Madaza Hatta, Maerceci, Makeam Ends, Marion Nett, Marion Nette, Masker Aide, Meedi Ochre, Melan Collie, Mick Sormatch, Milly on Air, Minedovamatta, Minnie Sota, Miss D Meenor, Miss Ilaneous, Miss Oorie, Miss Pelt, Miss Teerious, Miss Tique, Miss Tout, Miss Trenovil, Miss Tretour, Miss Trimurda, Missy Sippy, Mitchy Gann, Mon Treoll, Moneypenny, Morning Glory, Moto Rengine, Mullaga Tawny, Neva Ragen, Occasion Ally, Oh Hi Oh, Olfurwun, Olinadazewurk, Olly Ander, Onna Kowntov, Orson Cart, Overre Acting, Paneansufring, Para Finailya, Pashonate, Pennyfarthing, Percy Cueshun, Percy Veer, Ponda Rosa, Poolyer Soxup, Pop Sickle, Quad Wrangle, Riteas Reign, Robin Trains, Rockin' Role, Roksolyd, Sal Amanda, Salt Seller, Sank Timonius, Sconesan Tea, Scotchan Soda, Scots Whahae, Seran Aide, Sheezmasista, Silly Con, Sin Sin Atti, Siteforsorize, Skareds Tiff Sleepy Toff, Sokit Toome, Songan Dance, Soopina Cup, Sosay Olovus, Spesha Lenvoy, Spikans Pan, Summer Eyes, Sunofa Gunn, Sunofa Mum, Swingana Miss, Syndy Kate, Teefur Too, Teeyan Scones, Tellatalltale, Tennapenni, Terry Fied, Tom Foolery, Toonoa Vale, Tootin Kamen, Tourni K, Tunococ, Tutu Tango, Upfors Ale, Uranupstart, Urupagumtree, Uvanerv, Wacky Racer, Watchmego, Waydown Yonda, Wille Wonte, Willy B Furst, Wilzandwontz, Winsum Luzsum, Wrecked Angle, Wunsa Geek, Wunsan Forol, Wunsizefitzal, Zody Yak Sign

Not that I might know, but please make them your own work.

They can be:
Spoonerisms like Cling of Kubs, Neeple Wepoe
Phrases like Uranupstart, Teean Scones
Words spelt backwards like Tunod Ragus, Maerceci
Place names like Mon Treoll, Sin Sin Atti
Homophones like Kamo Fladge, Oxyawneer

But please, no double-entendres, no names that are suggestive or could be considered vulgar or to have obscene meaning or names that could be considered offensive to religious, ethnic or political groups.

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