using machine learning algorithms with Google Fusion Tables

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using machine learning algorithms with Google Fusion Tables

Postby Struggle_for_Pleasure » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:54 pm UTC


I am new to machine learning -- I mostly have done practice problems locally on my computer with Python and Octave. Now, I am doing some research on a data set that is on a Google Fusion Table. I would love to be able to have my algorithms work directly from the online data -- rather than downloading the data, running analysis, and then uploading the data again with, for example, a new column.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice at all would be appreciated as I'm a novice.

Should I be trying to do this with Python? What commands would I need to pull data off of the internet through a Python script running on my computer?

Am I looking at this totally the wrong way?

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