So I did something rather ridiculous with my account email

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So I did something rather ridiculous with my account email

Postby Sarcasm Detector 2.0 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:41 pm UTC

Right, this is kind of embarrassing (read: very) but I've been on a bit of a clean up of my old accounts on various fora and such, deleting the ones I don't care about to tidy up, so to speak.

Well, basically, I came back here to change my email address to a new-ish one I've set up to keep all my forum accounts tied to one place, because I still want to keep it. (also to maybe look around to see what's happened in the last few months I've not been on much)

Unfortunately, the address I entered when changing from my old one is not the correct one, nor do I own it. The email address I intended to enter is very slightly different, and as a result I'm locked out of my account now. :oops:

So, if any mod/admin would be so kind as to fix this, I'd really appreciate it.

(if you need any proof in particular of who I am I'd be fine with providing whatever I need to along with the email I'd like it changed to in PMs as soon as I can, and thanks in advance!)

EDIT: And yes, this is an old sock puppet I registered ages ago and never got around to using, in case anyones wondering about the join date/posting history thing.

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Re: So I did something rather ridiculous with my account ema

Postby Belial » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:10 pm UTC

Send me a PM with:

The email your account is currently set to
The email you *meant* to input
Your account's current password (forum account, not email. Though, I mean, if you want.)

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