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Postby LE4dGOLEM » Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:12 pm UTC

0. RULES: The Forum Rules can be found in the Announcement section of every forum (and here). There's also a handy Forum Guide.


2. LOG IN PROBLEMS: Try deleting your cookies for the domain you're trying to log into!

3. STORE: Email orders@xkcd.com before coming here with questions about the store. The forum is not associated with the store and we cannot help you.


5. DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM. Report the post or PM a moderator is the spam is in a PM.

6. POST COUNT: Posts in the Forum Games section do not increase your post count.

7. POST APPROVAL: When you submit your first post, it will be dropped into a queue to await moderator approval. Until it clears all your other posts will also drop into the queue.
  • This is an anti-spam measure and it does not apply to this forum (Site/Forum Issues).
  • The process may take some time, especially in the small sub-forums with only a single magistrate. If you must, you can PM the relevant mods or magistrates if more than 25 hours has passed.
  • If you only post in Forum Games (which does not increase your post count) this could be never ending, unless a moderator manually alters your permissions. It would be nice if you could find one relevant thing to say elsewhere on the forums.

8. IF YOUR POST COUNT IS <5: If you have fewer than 5 posts, there's lots of stuff you can't do. Some of it may come back after 2 posts. Who knows.
  • LINKS: If you can't post links, it's because you have fewer than five posts.
  • SIGNATURE: If you can't create a signature, it's because you have fewer than five posts.
  • IMAGES & ATTACHMENTS: If you can't attach files or use [img] tags, it's probably because you have fewer than five posts.
  • SPAM WORDS Early posts and private messages will not be accepted if they contain certain spam-like words. You will know that you have encountered this function if you receive a "This message was flagged as spam and has been denied" message after hitting the submit button.

9. COMIC #404: Is missing on purpose. Pressing the random button can take you to a 404 error if you land on that comic. Press the "back" button in your browser and hit the random button again to continue your random search. It's a joke. Remember jokes?

10. VIEW YOUR POSTS: There are/were problems with your posts showing up promptly in the 'View Your Posts'. Sometimes it can take as long as 12 hours.

11. TIME: Yes, the forum time stamp is off by a few minutes. davean will reset it the next time he decides to do so, after which it will be mostly right, at least for a while. If it's off by a multiple of whole hours, go set your timezone and DST selection in your User Control Panel.

12. NSFW: No, xkcd is not always safe for work! Nor is anyone with sufficient responsibility for tagging it as such going to do so. Personal responsibility is your only hope.

13. XKCD MOBILE: Try m.xkcd.com. Report any problems to mobile@xkcd.com.
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