For over 10% of Males, I Beg You

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For over 10% of Males, I Beg You

Postby alanevil » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:49 am UTC

Your most recent graphic/map/cartoon/thingy is indecipherable to over 10% of men. We have a condition known as red/green color blindness. As a graphic designer I would think you would be aware of this and not use two icons that are indistinguishable to the tens of millions of us that have this common genetic disorder. There are simple add-ons to browsers, Photoshop, etc. that allow you to see these things as we do. When I look at that map I see a bunch of bluish little guys. My wife (as you may know they do not have this defect and they're the ones that pass it on (I'm lookin' at you, Mom!)) tells me there are blue and red guys but even she has trouble finding any of the "other" guys. Here's some advice: Blue, yellow, black. Those three will be visible to all but less than 1% of people and those people are legally blind. Any kind of pastel colors are going to confuse eyes, especially those of us with colorblindness. Please, be more kind. The asthetics of weak, light colors is pleasant in theory but it fucking sucks for communicating information.

p.s. Please e-mail me if you create a version that makes any sense to the ignored 10%+ of males. Do you have any idea how insane our traffic lights are? Going through Texas many years ago I encountered my first loan traffic light after hours on a dead straight road. Their lights are on their sides. Which one was green and which red? The sun was coming up behind me so shining into those lights, I could see one was lit and the other weren't. A car was stopped at the light and I drove through it at 55mph, taking note of which one was lit. May miles later I entered the next town (Texas is stupid big) and their "on the side" traffic signals had a little sign under the red light that said stop. Yep, I blew a red light at highway speeds because humans tend not to think of the enormous numbers of people that aren't like them. Blue and red makes total sense for all but a tiny fraction of humanity. Red and amber leaves out at least 5% of humanity.

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Re: For over 10% of Males, I Beg You

Postby Zohar » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:33 pm UTC

Your comment, while reasonable, is misplaced - this is a place to discuss issues with this forum and the website. Probably the best place to send this would be
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Re: For over 10% of Males, I Beg You

Postby chridd » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:23 am UTC

alanevil wrote:p.s. Please e-mail me if you create a version that makes any sense to the ignored 10%+ of males.
I made a black-and-white version, and there are a few other attempts in that thread to make colorblind-friendly versions.
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