1190: "Time" keeps reloading every few seconds

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1190: "Time" keeps reloading every few seconds

Postby svenman » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:43 pm UTC

The page for https://xkcd.com/1190/ keeps reloading every few seconds ("few" being in the range of single-digit numbers).

It has been that way at least for a couple of months. Noone seems to have made a post about it here so far, so I'm doing this now just to cover all bases.

I haven't been able to inspect the Javascript that causes this behaviour in detail. However, I suspect that the code was originally supposed to make the page reload a random number of seconds after the full hour, when the image changes, to spread out the server load a little; and now for some reason the countdown is triggered immediately upon loading the page, instead of at the full hour.
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