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by Torvaun
Tue Aug 14, 2007 5:55 am UTC
Forum: Science
Topic: Evil Genius
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Bah. We've got the world's most badass pulse generator, and no one has suggested a railgun capable of firing Apophos into the Earth? (Apophos was a metal asteroid, right?)

Either that, or we start reenacting the life of Nikola Tesla. This time, we shoot someplace other than Tunguska.
by Torvaun
Tue Aug 14, 2007 5:26 am UTC
Forum: Movies and TV Shows
Topic: Modern movies to blow 50's directors' minds
Replies: 186
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I know it isn't a movie, but in that episode of Heroes where Hiro is helping Ando cheat at poker. He stops time, then appears to physically interact with the cards that are still hanging in midair. I certainly watched that section multiple times before deciding on CGI. Ender's Game will likely not a...
by Torvaun
Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:29 am UTC
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Most Excellent Gaming Moments
Replies: 331
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There is a board game called Can't Stop. It consists of four dice, and a game board that has 11 tracks, one for each number 2-12. The tracks are of varying lengths, with the extremes shorter than the middle numbers. On your turn, you roll the four dice, and move pawns depending on what you rolled. I...
by Torvaun
Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:16 am UTC
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Is your favourite FF also the one you played first?
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FFIX is my favorite, despite playing VII first. I think it has something to do with suspension of disbelief: In VII, despite the obvious widespread use of such technological marvels as machine guns and explosives, the vast majority of the characters have specialized in weapons you have to hit people...

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